ICON- The Never Ending Book


Inspire Your Readers to become Published Authors

  • Become the Icon of The Never Ending Book Series in your country.
  • Be the Icon of the Be You Book or the Healing Wisdom Book
  • Create Influence and Visibility
  • Attract fans and make meaningful connection during the book launch
  • Position Your Brand at the top of your industry

Once you become the Icon, you know that your life will never be the same.

The Never Ending Book Connects You with Eternity!



Do You Want To Inspire Your Readers to become Published Authors?

Now is the best time to be the pen in your own story, helping the people you love and care for, going through difficult times, to re-calibrate their energy, re-imagine their life in a way that helps them and others. Authorship comes with Influence and Credibility, and inspiring Readers to become Authors is an act of compassionate creativity, extending the benefits of authorship across cultures, industries and generations of creative people who are invisible, unknown, being the best kept secret despite their achievements. Giving Readers the chance to publish their story is a powerful inclusion activation that our society is missing at present. Together we can remove the invisible hat that far too many generations of people are socially conditioned to wear, closing the energetic gap between men and women, cultures and markets.

Exclusive to this book and never done before, we offer our Readers the choice to be published in the next book in the series.

Become THE ICON in your country and inspire readers to become published authors

This is an interactive, engaging book giving the reader the choice to submit own answers to the editorial team for the chance to be published in the next book of the series and become a published author. Every Reader could simply take picture of  Your Page and post it on social media #NeverEndingBook #RichInspiration or email our Inspiration Desk: editor@richwoman.co

Give the gift of authorship

Both existing series Be You and Healing Wisdom make a perfect gift for anyone in your life who dreams to be an author.

Send this book as a gift and give them the opportunity to be featured as an author just by adding their own words to Your Page.

Our hardcover books are built to last, and designed to make you and your loved ones proud. This is ideal choice to bring your unique essence to life. Original adapted from the audio edition, includes rich conversations between Marina and YOU, THE ICON and the guest Authors , during Rich Inspiration Talks.


Every book is SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR, and could be auctioned or used at fundraising events to support great humanitarian causes.


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